Family in Focus Programme

The Family in Focus Programme is an early childhood development (ECD) programme which focuses on the needs of pre-school age children and their families living in environments characterised by poverty, unemployment, crime and violence. The focus is on the family as the primary source of care for young children.

The aim of the programme

  • To serve as a strategy for ECD intervention in impoverished communities.
  • To assist primary caregivers and woman in particular, to form groups in order to support each other, and to access resources in support of their children.
  • To create a cadre of cost-effective ECD workers who provide support to the child’s primary caregiver and other family members.

How does the programme work?

  • The Family in Focus Programme is based on a partnership approach with local communities.
  • In consultation with the community, people are identified to be trained as home visitors
  • Each home visitor is responsible to work with at least 7 families per day.
  • The home visitor will spend at least 30 minutes with a family or a cluster of families at a time.
  • Experienced home visitors are expected to reach at least 35 caregivers every week.
  • Caregivers are also expected to participate in a parenting workshop facilitated by the home visitors or outside facilitators on topics that focus on particular needs of the parents.
  • In each area/community the team of home visitors are supported by a Project Co-ordinator.
  • The Project Co-ordinator is responsible for anchoring the project in the community, networking with local stakeholders, and liaising between the committee and the community.
  • Each community project will have its own committee consisting of community stakeholders to whom the Project Co-ordinator and Home Visitors will be accountable.

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